Obese The Prophet produced his first beat in August of 1999. Using one of the very first FL Studio versions (Then called FruityLoops) he created beats that were sample heavy and sloppy, but over time they got better. One of the first hip hop producers to be using FL Studio, he caught much criticism among local emcees who thought that FL Studio was inferior to the classic MPC or Roland drum machines of the past.

Obese The Prophet used to go by the name Obstikalz. In September of 2003 he got the attention of local legend and artist manager/promoter, Chip Sullivan, after working with the group called The Abbatiors (Young Merk, Ill Christ, Rome, Jedeye and Josiah Scribes) on a EP to showcase his production skills. During an introduction to Poverty aka Thommy Kane made by Ill Christ in 2003 after the sessions with The Abbatiors, Poverty was blown away with the beat CD The Prophet presented during this meeting. It was this meeting that lead to Chip Sullivan wanting to sign The Prophet. Sullivan was, at the time, the current manager of Poverty (Thommy Kane). Sullivan was interested in signing The Prophet to an artist management deal, and after closely reviewing the contract Prophet agreed.

Let the learning begin. Chip gave The Prophet an old MPC 2000XL, The Prophet self learned how to use the drum machine and could often been seen carrying it around and making beats no matter where he went. The Prophet watched and learned everything he could from Chip, and listened even when nobody thought he was listening. He was like a sponge. During the time period of 2003-2005 The Prophet made hundreds of beats and songs for Poverty and other local artists, continuing to improve and learn.

In August of 2005  he linked up with local legend and talented emcee/producer Young Merk (now known as Remy Johnson), with whom he had worked with during the Abbatior sessions. They then began creating an album. Black September had a few tracks produced by Obese The Prophet. It was engineered by Merk and Prophet. The album was a local success.

In September 2005, Obese The Prophet linked up with A-Jax from East New York and began recording him daily. Also during this time he was working a compilation album with local artists distributed by 3deep Entertainment. They released an album Luv Me or Hate Me, which Obese The Prophet produced 6 tracks for, including one of his all-time favorites, Heartache and Pain which was rapped on by Poverty and Young Merk.

In November of 2006, he began working on a new full length studio album with Tommy Gunz, of Brooklyn, NY. 

Then, in February of 2007, Tommy Gunz released Under Oath, for which Obese The Prophet was the executive producer, and produced 9 of the 14 tracks on the album.

After taking a break for a few years, Obese The Prophet began recording his first solo album in nearly 8 years. Released in Early 2011, Revolution contained production from Sinima, The Prophet and Denaun Porter of D-12 to name a few. It was released as a free download and about 12,000 copies were downloaded.

To follow up he recorded and released acadianMUZIK in late 2012, executively produced by Rhode Island native araabMUZIK. Acclaimed as some of his best work to date.

In 2015, he attained his Associates Degree in Computer Science from the University of Maine at Fort Kent.

In July of 2019 Obese The Prophet started an artist management company called Elevate Music LLC. and Coop The Emcee and LYT signed contracts. Then he directed some music videos and is expanding his skills in that department as well.

In 2019 he moved to Phoenix to live part time, as a "Snowbird" travelling between Maine and The Valley of the Sun. In 2020 he is dropped his first Beat Tape Instrumental Album called "The Beat Report Vol. 1"to all digital streaming platforms for the the first time ever! He followed those with 2 more The Beat Report Vol. 2 and Vol. 3. He also has a project called "Sleeping Giant" an album produced, engineered and mastered entirely by Obese The Prophet, with longtime friend and fellow Maine native Shameek The God providing the rhymes. The album features some of the best Maine native emcees Shane Reis of PDank, Jedeye One, Syn The Shaman and Coop The Emcee as well as lyrical mastermind OD aka Overdose released in 2020 on all streaming platforms. He also released a work of hip hop art with his group Tri Town Committee which includes Coop The Emcee, Rize 8, LYT and Ryz. The album was titled Tri-Town Legacy and released in 2020. It features a production, mastering and mixing exclusively from Obese The Prophet.

He has 10 executive produced albums in the works from 2021 with 10 different artists from across Maine. Be on the lookout for those projects from aLunarLanding, Demon Dog, Andre Hicks, Neeko Brown, SOUND QUALITY, Genius Black, Dynamo-P, Coop The Emcee and more dropping in 2021-22!

He has worked with many artists throughout his 21 year career including, araabMUZIK (Duke DaGod Productions), Denaun Porter (Shady), Shane Reis (PDank Records), Poverty aka Thommy Kane (ArtistDirect Records), Tommy Gunz, aLunarLanding, Dynamo-P, Jeremy Greene (MySpace Records), Badmannerz, Souf Boi, J-30 aka Seemoe Dukketts, Young Merk aka Remy Johnson, Young Kon (RIP), Ryz, Ghost, Sam Smeed, Rize 8, Ill Christ, AJax, GYPSY, Pauly Mumblez (RIP), Joey Vargo (RIP), Jedeye One, Rome aka Shameek The God, Coop The Emcee, OD, Syn The Shaman, and more.

Hero The Emcee dropped "Fuckin' Boston" and it's all we could hope for!

Hero the Emcee dropped some new fire!! Fuckin' Boston!! Check it out! Boom Baps finest!