Monday, July 4, 2011

Legalization of Marijuana

In 2000, more than 734,000 people were arrested in this country for marijuana-related offenses alone. This is pretty hard to understand.

It's time to legalize. We the people of America need the tax money and job oppurtunities that will be created by legalizing. As well as the drop off of crime and money spent on that 700 thousand people + a year.

The table shows annual recreational drugs deaths in the USA as at 2002.
Marijuana does not cause brain damage, genetic damage, or damage the immune system. Unlike alcohol, marijuana does not kill brain cells or induce violent behavior. And, as you can see from the table, Marijuana does not cause death.

Continuous long-term smoking of marijuana can cause bronchitis, but the chance of contracting bronchitis from casual marijuana smoking is minuscule. Respiratory health hazards can be totally eliminated by consuming marijuana via non-smoking methods, i.e., ingesting marijuana via baked foods, tincture, or vaporizer.

On June 29th 2011, Left-leaning Democrats and the libertarian wing of the Republican Party have come together to propose the first-ever legislation to legalize marijuana at the federal level.

Representatives Barney Frank (D-Massachusetts) and Ron Paul (R-Texas) have introduced the “Ending Federal Marijuana Prohibition Act of 2011" which would allow states to determine their own marijuana rules without interference from Washington, DC.

If this change came about, states could choose among banning marijuana entirely, making it medically available, decriminalizing its possession or taxing and regulating it like the government does with alcohol.

Supporters admit that the Frank-Paul bill has little chance of becoming law in the current Congress. But they add the measure represents an important first step towards eventually decriminalizing the drug.

Besides Frank and Paul, other co-sponsors of the bill include Rep. John Conyers (D-Michigan), Rep. Steve Cohen (D-Tennessee), Rep. Jared Polis (D-Colorado), and Rep. Barbara Lee (D-California)

Marijuana has been listed as Schedule I controlled substance since 1970, putting it in the same category as heroin, PCP and LSD.

Show support by going to the NORML WEBSITE as well as calling or writing your senators and Governors offices.

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